The Emblaser is a laser printer capable of cutting and engraving.

Ideally suited to the hobbyist, artist and professional who is looking for a laser machine which is simple to use, compact and reliable. With up to 4 watts of laser power, the Emblaser is capable of working with materials such as paper, leather, woods and some plastics. It can even etch onto anodised metals.

Precise Cutting

The Emblaser uses a precisely focused beam of laser light to cut through materials.

The laser can be very accurately controlled allowing extremely fine details to be cut.

Stunning Engraving

You can create highly detailed engravings onto materials such as card, wood and anodised metals.

‘Emblaser ready’ Software

Darkly Labs has teamed up with industry leading software developers to create ‘Emblaser friendly’ versions of their software to control the Emblaser.

Use any graphics program to create your artwork or design, then import them into the Emblaser software.

Whether it be Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop or Solidworks (just to name a few), you choose.

Some materials the Emblaser works with

 Thickness (mm/GSM)Engraved (Y/N)Cut (Y/N)Notes
Acrylic - Clear3mmYNcoating applied
Acrylic - Opaque2mmYYmultiple passes
Acrylic - Tinted2mmYN
Aluminium - AnodisedN/AYN
Cardboard - Brown2mmYY
Cardboard - Corrugated double sided3mmYYmultiple passes
Fabric - CottonN/AYY
Foam - LD45 High Density10mmYY
Foam Core Board5mmYY
Leather - Vegetable Tanned 3.5mmYYmultiple passes
Paper - Photocopy80gsmYY
Paper Card Stock230gsmYY
Rubber - Black Synthetic3mmYN
Wood - Balsa (Soft density)5mmYYmultiple passes
Wood - Birch 3ply1.5mmYYmultiple passes
Wood - Maple2mmYN
Wood - MDF3mmYYmultiple passes
Wood - Poplar Ply (3 layer, Laser friendly)3mmYYmultiple passes

Technical Specifications

Physical Dimensions630mm x 520mm [24.8” x 20.5”]
Working Area410mm x 285mm [16.5” x 11.3”]
Max. Material Height45mm [1.97”]
AC Input100-240V, 50-60Hz
LaserNichia 9mm 445 nm laser diode (Class 4)
Software IncludedLightBurn.

Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible
Recommended Computer RequirementsWindows 10 or Mac OSX
8 Gig RAM
1x USB port
AssemblyThis is a kit and requires assembly
Base Price$800 USD
(Approx $1100 AUD)

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