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Are you a busy Educator?

Looking to add a laser cutter to your classroom?

Not sure where to start?

Read on and we will walk you through the key considerations


Teachers and students are often frustrated when they can’t finish a project during class. Laser cut projects are traditionally slow, with limited machine access and tricky software, making it tough to complete all projects in one session.


The Emblaser Pro brings in a new wave of laser power with options like the standard 40-watt or the advanced 60-watt laser module.

You can breeze through cutting and engraving projects at lightning-fast speeds of over 600mm/sec. That’s seriously quick!


The Emblaser range is built for hands-on learning, perfect for both teachers and students in the classrooms.

So don’t keep it locked away – bring it out and let everyone create!


As an educator, your focus on SAFETY should be a primary consideration when introducing a laser cutter to your classroom. There are many aspects to safety, so read on and see what the important ones are to consider.


Never use anything other than a ‘CLASS 1’ rated laser cutter in the classroom.

This would consist of a machine, with fire-rated enclosure, optical grade viewports, interlocks, and certifications to back everything up.


Apart from laser safety, consider how you and your students will interact with the machine.

The Emblaser Pro includes a soft-close lid to protect hands from injury as well as special interlocks that instantly turn off the laser and pause when the lid is opened.

Concerned about material fires?

The WatchDog accessory uses a patented AI neural-network to accurately detect, categorise and automatically extinguish material fires. It’s smart enough to distinguish between a benign material flare up or smouldering, which would be treated as an ‘ALERT USER’. All the way to a material fire that has taken hold and needs ‘IMMEDIATE EXTINGUISHING’.

Worried about toxic fumes?

The WatchDog accessory includes a toxic fume detector that can sniff out even the smallest amounts of toxic fumes, such as Chlorine. Combined with our F2000 Fume extractor with 3-stage filtering, the Emblaser can be used safely used in the classroom.


New technology often has a steep learning curve. There is new software, machine operation and how to integrate everything into a classroom. We have made all this learning as easy as possible.


Use our Emblaser-specific projects and tutorials to both learn your machine while creating a fun project.

Not only are our projects designed to teach techniques, they are also there to inspire new ideas.


Since we know you are busy, we have created a set of STEM materials to easily integrate the Emblaser into your curriculum.

Created in conjunction with industry experts, our STEM materials are a simple way to get your machine into action, fast.


Whether you use Fusion360, SolidWorks, Photoshop, Illustrator, TinkerCad (just to name a few), your projects can be used with the Emblaser.

Don’t have a standard graphics package? No problem. LightBurn software which ships with every Emblaser lets you design, create and cut projects directly.


Great after-sales support is key. Whether it’s a software question or a technical hiccup, you need to trust that you’ll get the help you need for your investment.

Darkly Labs is renowned for their customer support and after sales service. Here are some of the ways we have your back.

  • Email responses within 24 hours.
  • Extensive Online Knowledge Base.
  • Phone Support.
  • Online Emblaser Community.

Commonly asked questions

Classroom FAQ


As long as they:

  • Meet strict Class-1 laser ratings.
  • Provide a suitable fume filtration system.
  • Are manufactured with optically rated viewport materials.
  • Are manufactured from fire rated enclosure materials.

The Emblaser range meets all these requirements as well as offering more safety features.

Of Course!

Darkly Labs offers many options for training on both the Emblaser and LightBurn software.

  • Learn from Step-By-Step video tutorials.
  • Contact our Support Team with specific questions.
  • Use our certified training partners for one-on-one training.


Unlike other devices, laser cutters do need supervision while in operation.

Situations can arise that require immediate attention, such as a material igniting while cutting. These situations can be easily dealt with when an operator is present, but can grow into a more serious incident otherwise.

The Emblaser Pro offers an revolutionary WatchDog accessory which can monitor, detect and extinguish fires as well as alerting users of toxic fumes.

BUT, we always recommend all laser cutters be monitored whiled cutting or engraving.

Contact us directly with your location and we will do our best to find a reseller closest you to.


All Laser-cutting produces fumes.

There are two options for dealing with laser fumes:

Option 1: The Emblaser range includes powerful fume extractor fans and hose that can vent fumes out of the machine workspace. These fumes can be vented out of a window or external ventilation system.

Option 2: The F2000 Fume filtration system is paired with the Emblaser range to filter fumes and odour produced during the laser cutting process. This system contains a 3-phase filtration system to filter both particulates and odours, allowing the Emblaser to be run indoors without the need for external venting.

Ask supplier for MSDS and Laser-Cutting approval

Reputable material suppliers will be able to provide a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) with all the materials they sell. If not, do not use them in your laser cutter. These data sheets will provide information of the various chemicals included in the material. Chemicals such as chlorine are extremely toxic when laser cut.

Reputable material suppliers should also be able to provide advice on whether their material is safe for laser cutting. If they don’t sound knowledgeable, do not take the risk with their materials.

Buy from Darkly Labs

Darkly Labs offers a range of commonly used materials in the classroom. We provide MSDS info and approve the materials to be used in the Emblaser range.

Currently we offer:

Ask us for advice

If you are unsure, send us the information you have and we can provide you with advice.

All Emblaser machines are certified as ‘Class 1’ laser products. This is the safest rating allowing use by both adults and children without need for any protective PPE.

Here are additional safety features:

Emblaser 2

  • Certified Class 1 rating
  • Interlocks to turn off laser if lid is opened
  • Laser grade optical policarbonate lid
  • Fire-safe enclosure
  • Workspace material-ignition alert
  • 3-stage fume filter

Emblaser Pro

  • Certified Class 1 rating
  • Interlocks to turn off laser and pause job if lid is opened
  • Laser grade optical polycarbonate viewport
  • Fire-safe enclosure
  • Fire suppression and toxic fume accessory (WatchDog)
  • Soft-close lid to protect fingers
  • 3-stage fume filter with automatic control