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What do our customers have to say?

Amber Everitt – Australia

The Emblaser 2 was the perfect solution for starting my small business with a reliable and affordable machine; the exceptional service from Darkly Labs was a wonderful bonus! I actually purchased a second Emblaser 2 to run simultaneously to ramp up production. Though I’m on a break from full time business use, myself and my husband still use them regularly for fun projects.

Amber Everitt
By Amberlee

Gary Brinsden – New Zealand

At Pakuranga College, Auckland we have been using EMBLASER2 laser cutters for about four years in the Technology Faculty for cutting and engraving paper and card, thin plywood, perspex and even engine gasket material for our automotive department. Students have also used them to make architectural models for spatial design using card and thin plywood. Our second machine is now used in the Art Faculty.

Gary Brinsden
Head of Technology Faculty - Pakuranga College

Johnny Davis – USA

I love everything about it! The laser is super fast and accurate and very straight forward to assemble. Incredible engineering in the design for assembly. I emailed a question I had to them, and they were very kind and thorough on their response. The software is easy to understand and .dxf files are accepted so you could technically bypass Illustrator all together by just using fusion. I did a ton of research on lasers before getting this one, and I wanted to wait until I had it all set up to recommend it to you all.

Johnny Davis
Acorn Climbing, LLC

Daryl – Australia

The Emblaser 2 is my third laser engraver from Darkly Labs. Having previously used the A4 & A3 Emblaser 1’s, I have to say what a great progression the Emblaser2 is.

Larger work area, air assist, software variable Z axis, higher power output all help to make the work I do with timber more complete. Thanks Darkly.”

Daryl Hooke

Max – United Kingdom

I bought an Emblaser2 to make miniature terrain for my model railway addiction. I’ve been making intricate brickwork which was previously very time consuming because of my poor eyesight. My next project is a miniature airship.


Tom – South Australia

This is my first laser cutter and I have found that the Emblaser 2 was a great choice. Learning curve wasn’t as steep or long as I expected and I’m quite happy with what this machine can do. The support from Darkly Labs is fast and friendly. The small but growing online forum is a great source of ideas and tips too


Emily – NSW Australia

I wanted to do something special for my wedding, so for table place cards I used my husband’s Emblaser2 to cut the name of each guest into big Autumn maple leaves. It was really pretty when the leaves dried out and got curly, people really couldn’t guess how their names got in there. Absolutely LOVE it.


Lyn – Australia

I love my Emblaser 1 but there are no words to describe how I feel about my Emblaser 2! It slices through everything like butter and it will cut out the tiniest pieces. My imagination is in overdrive thinking of new things to cut out. I was originally drawn to the Emblaser because I am restoring a Tudor dolls house and I’m now planning to build a Georgian mansion.


Wayne – USA

The Emblaser2 is a huge improvement over my Emblaser1 because of the new optics, motorized Z-axis and air assist.  I’ve used the Emblaser2 a lot since June 2017 and overall it’s a solid machine. Darkly Labs’ customer service is AWESOME and is the best I’ve ever dealt with. The air assist is a must have.


Mark – USA

I purchased the Emblaser 2 laser in July of 2017 after having great success with its predecessor, the Emblaser 1 and I was not disappointed. The Emblaser 2 is well constructed with quality parts and well designed. The provided software LightBurn has a bit of a learning curve but once you have the basics down it becomes quite easy to do what you want it to do. This is an excellent unit for the hobbyist that wants to create beautiful engravings, small jewellery/trinket boxes. There is no software provided to do project design but the free software Inkscape will do the job once you learn the basics of the software.. I purchased and use Corel Draw Home/Student Edition as a personal preference for a reasonable price.

Mark - USA

Chris – Melbourne AUS

I have been using the Emblaser 2 for two years now and it is a mainstay in my business. I started engraving ceramic tiles as gifts for friends and family, now I am going to multiple craft shows and festivals a year, as well as running an Etsy shop. I even use it to make the packaging for my products out of recycled materials.

Christopher Orlich

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