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The Emblaser helps you…

cut and engrave FASTER

Laser power equals ‘speed’.

Choose between 10watt, 40watt or 60watt laser modules, the most powerful in this class of laser, ever.

Work at speeds of 600mm/sec. That’s seriously fast!

work EASIER one-button control

Start, Pause, Resume & Stop from one convenient button.

Automatic material height detection and focus.

It couldn’t be any easier!

stay SAFER than ever before

Built from the ground up with safety in mind, the Emblaser Pro is a ‘Class 1‘ rated machine that incorporates unique features to extinguish fires and detect toxic fumes.

You can work with confidence knowing your back is covered in dangerous situations.

save time with PROJECTS and STEM materials

Jump right in with our free STEP-BY-STEP projects and video tutorials.

Educators can even take advantage of the many STEM projects for their curriculum.

What our customers have to say?

Our school has been using EMBLASER laser cutters for about six years. Our technology, automotive and art facility can’t live without them.

Gary - Pakuranga College

I love everything about our Emblaser! The software is easy to understand and technical support is very responsive. I did a ton of research before deciding on the Emblaser.

Johnny - Acorn Climbing

The Emblaser lets me add unique touches and high-quality details to my work that truly helps it stand out. It’s like having a secret weapon in my crafting arsenal!

Tegan - Snow In Summer

Key Emblaser Pro Features

  • Large workspace for BIG projects
  • Class 1 - Safest Laser Rating
  • Integrated Air-Assist for cleaner cuts
  • 40watt & 60watt laser options
  • Camera for perfect alignment
  • Low machine maintenance
  • Free tutorials & projects
  • Super reliable laser & cooling system
  • Automatic laser height detection
  • Ports for future expansion
  • AI fire extinguishing system
  • Toxic fume detection
  • STEM materials for educators
  • Fully LightBurn compatible


Can I service my own Emblaser?


We have made keeping your Emblaser running perfectly easier than ever.

Here are the basic maintenance steps:

  • Keep workspace clean.
    • Simply remove debris from your workspace after cutting or engraving. A basic wipe-down is all that is needed. Since the Emblaser Pro uses a liquid cooling system, there are no noisy fans in the workspace that need constant monitoring, cleaning and replacing.
  • Keep Lens Cover Clean.
    • Unscrew the lens cover and clean it with the supplied cleaning wipes regularly. There is never a need to touch the delicate lens.
  • Check exhaust fans for debris.
    • Over time, the two high powered exhaust fans will build up debris. They are easy to access and clean or replace as needed.

Unlike a CO2 laser machine there are NO mirrors, reflectors or lenses that need alignment or maintenance, meaning you can spend more time creating than fixing.

What accessories will be available?

WatchDog Safety Accessory

  • Accurately detect and extinguish workspace fires using patented AI technology.
  • Detect toxic fumes and alert user.

Rotary Accessory

  • Engrave onto cylindrical objects.
  • Engrave cups, bottles, glasses etc.

WiFi Accessory (Included with Emblaser Pro)

  • Use your Emblaser wirelessly.
  • Work untethered for maximum flexibility.

Air-Assist Accessory (Included with Emblaser Pro)

  • Created cleaner cuts with less fume marks.
  • Reduce the risk of material flames.
  • Decrease the amount of cleanup to your projects.

WorkSpace Camera Accessory (Included with Emblaser Pro)

  • Align your projects accurately onto your material.
  • Reduce wasted material.

What does my Emblaser come with?

EVERYTHING you need to get going!

  • Full LightBurn software license with bonus 3 years of updates
  • Integrated Air-Assist accessory
  • Integrated workspace camera
  • Exhaust hose
  • Fire safety blanket
  • All cables required for operation
  • Online Getting Started Guide, User Manual, Tutorials and Free Projects

What is the warranty for the Emblaser Pro?

12 months for all mechanicals and laser.

Can I cut or engrave transparent materials?

You cannot cut transparent materials, but you can engrave onto them with a coating applied.

When is the Emblaser Pro shipping?

Expected shipping is July 2024.

Founders Note

At Darkly Labs, we're driven by a passion to bring advanced technology to those who find it out of reach. Our laser cutters are crafted for makers, educators, and business owners who aim to cut and engrave with precision and safety.
Thank you for choosing Darkly Labs—here's to transforming ideas into reality together.

Domenic Di Giorgio - Founder - Darkly Labs