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Earn! Emblaser Earn!

The Emblaser laser cutter and engraver is your gateway to turning creativity into cash. Designed for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs, it’s packed with features that make it easy to start and expand your business.

Here is how the Emblaser stands above other Laser Cutter & Engravers for earning you an income.

Fast and Continuous Production

With its 60w power, the Emblaser works fast on a wide range of materials, without needing breaks. Its spacious work area lets you work on many items at once, boosting your output and earnings without extra effort.

Very simple to learn and use

The Emblaser comes with LightBurn software. Forget complex adjustments, our detailed material library sets everything for the perfect cutting or engraving. This means you can quickly turn ideas into sellable products, appealing to a wide market. Use our easy to follow Step-by-Step videos to get going fast.

Expand Your product range

Stand out against your competitors by using the unique capabilities such and engraving onto bare metals. Thanks to expansion ports in the Emblaser Pro, future add-ons like the rotary attachment for engraving cylindrical items will help maximise your investment.

Maximize Creativity, Minimize Hassle

The Emblaser is incredibly easy to use, featuring automatic adjustments and maintenance alerts. This means less time fiddling with the machine and more time creating products to sell. When you need to check something, it will alert you.

Safety Sells

Do not undervalue ‘safety’. It’s the safest laser cutter around, with features that protect you and your workspace. A safe operation means less downtime and more productive time, directly contributing to your income.

In short, the Emblaser laser cutter and engraver is a powerful tool for anyone looking to make money from laser cutting and engraving. Its speed, ease of use, and flexibility allow you to quickly produce and sell a wide variety of items, making it a smart investment for your creative business.

Learn about some customers using the Emblaser to earn an income.

Andrea Lai / Real Estate Gifts AU

As a stay-at-home homeschool mum, using the Emblaser 2 laser cutter / engraver has opened my eyes to the sheer potential that one can achieve with this formidable diode laser machine- and I feel I am only at the tip of the iceberg! 

If you are looking to find alternative streams of income, the Emblaser machine is an impressive tool that can help you fulfil your goals. With the second-to-none service provided by the Darkly Labs support team, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and they will be there to assist you when you need it!

Tracey Murphy / Oh My Woodness

The Emblaser 2 has been an amazing addition to my small business, allowing me to easily edit and send images through the included Lightburn software and burn onto wooden chopping boards and other wooden products.

Johnny Davis Founder | Acorn Climbing, LLC

I love everything about the Emblaser 2! The laser is super fast and accurate and very straight forward to use. Incredible  engineering in the design.

I emailed a question I had to them, and they were very kind and thorough on their response. The software is easy to understand and .dxf files are accepted so you could technically bypass Illustrator all l together by just using LightBurn or Fusion.

I did a ton of research on lasers before getting this one, and I wanted to wait until I had it all set up to recommend it to you all. The raster, etch, and cut are very customisable and there are training and tutorials on how to get things figured out. It’s a diode laser, so not quite as powerful as the CO2, but still definitely a great value item, and an awesome learning experience.

Alia Hassan / ArchetypeZ

My shop started mainly with architecturally inspired jewellery that is digitally fabricated so that included some laser cut pieces. Previously I had been sending my files out to a laser cutting service but that was costly and time consuming— it didn’t allow for quick experimentation for new ideas and as a designer I found that very limiting. 

The Emblaser has allowed me to experiment (beyond just jewellery) and develop ideas in a way that for me is much more conducive to good design. The more I use the Emblaser the more I get ideas for new products that I can quickly and easily develop and produce, all in-house, making it an invaluable tool.

Antonia Dorotic / Treasure This

 I design and make personalised and bespoke cake toppers, bookmarks, flower toppers, and kids wall plaques.  I use materials like bamboo, Fijian cedar, acrylic and glitter.

The Emblaser makes creating my designs easy.  l can still use software that l’m familiar with, on my own computer or laptop which makes it uncomplicated.  It brings imagination to life before your eyes.

Tegan Goennemann – Snow In Summer

“I absolutely love creating with my Emblaser laser cutter & engraver! It’s incredibly user-friendly and reliable, turning complex designs into reality at the push of a button.

The machine allows endless creativity, from unique planters to my personalised gifts. It’s not just a tool—it’s my partner in crafting, making the process fun and profitable.

Selling my creations has never been easier or more enjoyable!”