Emblaser Projects

Have fun with our DIY Emblaser Laser projects. All projects come with required templates and instructions.

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Safe Bird House

Masked Tile Engravings

Polypropylene Masks

Woman Torso Sculpture


ChooChoo Train

Edge-Lit Display

Bottle Vases

Felt Coasters

Piper Cub Airframe

Stencil Clock

Everlasting Cactus

Up-cycled Photo Frame

Flexible Flag

Aluminium Embossed Picture

Felt phone and tablet cases

Embossed Rolling Pin

Hive Game


Piggy Bank

Acrylic Blueprint


Laminated Bracelet

Cylindrical Lampshade

Decals with ECM Contact Film

Intricate Paper Pattern

Fabric Christmas Tree

Business Card Glider

Paper Star

Animal Trophy Heads

Mini Cello

Pendant Necklace

Spooky Lantern

Dino Planter

Darkly Catapult


Mag Clips


Fox & Squirrel

Joker Engraved Anodised Aluminium

Topography Map

Emblaser Project Planner

Wall Art