Emblaser 2 Lid (OD7+)

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Emblaser 2 – OD7+ Rated Lid

This is the revised Emblaser 2 lid to maintain a ‘Class 1’ laser rating when using the new 10watt Laser Module.

The lid is made from a special formulated Polycarbonate material that provides OD7+ @455nm laser protection as well as V-1 fire protection. It provides 10x the optical protection over the original OD6 lid.

The lid dimensions are 615mm x 480mm x 4.8mm and fits all Emblaser 2 machines.


Darkly Labs considers eye safety an important aspect of the laser products we manufacture.

The new (10W) higher power laser unit we have introduced requires a higher rated lid to ensure your safety. Installing the higher power laser unit without upgrading to the appropriate lid will result in a laser machine that does not meet a ‘Class 1’ rating.