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The Affordable Laser Cutter You Can Keep At Home

If you are creative artist, designer or hobbyist then you probably require the best tool at hand to immediately bring your abstract imagination to reality. At times however, it gets difficult to do so as you may need industrial services; till then you can only view your creation on a computer screen. The wait can halt the process of iteration to design the best possible work.

LaserBlade less bulky machine

Darkly Labs have created easy to use, portable, home laser and engraver. Laser cutting technology uses high powered lasers to cut through any flat sheet material giving fine finish. Seems like something that can only be done in industry. A product like LazerBlade sitting on your desk can be helpful and time saving. You can engrave vector graphics, CAD designs and even photos without any professional help. The laser comes with a software package comprising of open source industrial standard Gcode and free programs to use any of these features.

home laser engraves on leather

The LaserBlade was designed to look beautiful on your desk without being bulky looking machine. The laser is available in two sizes: A4 and A3. The chasis for the laser was made from industrial plastic which is strong and moisture-free avoiding distortion in images. This laser can be easily assembled and requires no special tools. A 2W tunable laser diode is used to adjust power during cutting and engraving for finer results.

Home Laser cutter and engraver

Three simple steps and you are done with a laser cut-out design. First design your artwork in, say, Adobe Illustrator, transfer it to LazerBlade software which traces the path to generate the Gcode and finally see your artwork ready in minimum two minutes. Amazing!

Home Laser cut through any material in a fine way

A word of caution; this high powered laser can cut to your skin and therefore should be operated properly in a well ventilated area.

The LaserBlade surpassed more than three times its goal on KickStarter.