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Halloween Door hanger

Build a spooky door hanger to show off your halloween spirit in style!

Project Files


  • Black, Orange and White A4 Card

Other Items Needed:

  • Gluestick
  • Scissors (Optional)

The Build

Download the LightBurn file from above and open it, this contains the 4 pieces we will need to cut out.

Open the lid of your Emblaser and place the 3 pieces of card inside, I have arranged them as shown so all 4 pieces can be cut out at the same time, instead of needing to cut multiple times.

Lay all of your pieces out on the table, and get your gluestick out to assemble. The pieces will be assembled from right to left.

The solid black piece will be the base, so glue the orange middle section onto it, being careful to align them the best you can.

Next, slot in the white piece and glue it into place, this will make up the ghost.

Now glue on the second black piece, again making sure everything is aligned properly.

Optional: Use scissors to make a cut in the top or side of the hole to allow it to fit on all types of doors, you may also need to use your scissors to clean up some edges to make it look nice and clean.