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60 watt EMBLASER PRO Announced


Darkly Labs announces the most powerful solid-state desktop laser cutter….EVER!

The Emblaser Pro range will be available with a revolutionary 60 watt laser module, boasting 50% more power than its 40 watt counterpart.

This level of laser power is a world-first for a consumer laser cutter of this kind. Traditionally solid-state lasers were considered the low-power siblings of CO2 technology, but not any more.

Domenic Di Giorgio, Director Darkly Labs.

What does the extra power mean to you?

Simply put, the more powerful your laser, the quicker you can complete your projects.

A 60-watt laser is 50% more powerful than a 40-watt laser, allowing it to cut and engrave more rapidly. This additional power also enables working with thicker and tougher materials.

Pre-Order Deal

For the month of April 2024, Darkly Labs is offering a FREE upgrade from the 40 watt Emblaser Pro to the 60 watt on pre-orders. Head over to our Emblaser Pro page for all the details.

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