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3D Printable Replacements Parts

Online Store:

Although the Emblaser 1 is discontinued, you can check our web store for the availability of common spare and replacement parts: LINK

If there is a part you require that is not listed, please email us: support@darklylabs.com

3D Printable Parts:

The Emblaser 1 has several 3D printed parts. If you have a 3D printer, you can download and print replacement parts from the list below and more.

Emblaser Revision 1.0:

Belt Idler Pulley:

Laser Carriage:

Laser Guard:

Gantry Carriages (Left & Right):


Emblaser Revision 1.5:

 FFC Chassis Support:

FFC Laser Head Clip:

Front Panel Bracket:

Gantry Carriage Assembly:

Laser Carriage Parts:

Laser Guard:

Rail Bracket:

Belt Clip:

Fan Shroud:

Chassis Corner: