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Warranty Return Process

In the event a part of your Emblaser becomes faulty and needs replacement under warranty, we have the following process to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Warranty Replacement Process #1 (Preferred)

  1. We will invoice you via Paypal for the replacement part.
  2. Once paid, we will immediately courier the replacement over to you.
  3. When we receive the faulty part back, we will refund the cost of the replacement.

If the part is not found to be faulty or the warranty on the part has been voided or does not apply, then we reserve the right for your original part(s) to be returned to you and the replacement part returned by you to us before we will refund the cost of the replacement.

For this process, you will need a valid Paypal account and supply us with your Paypal Email Address.

Warranty Replacement Process #2

If you prefer not to be invoiced for the replacement, then you can follow the following process.

  1. Return the faulty part to us.
  2. Once received we will examine it and either repair or replace it.
  3. We will advise of any costs involved and courier the replacement to you.

Return parts to this address:

Darkly Labs

Unit 3, 99-101 Western Ave

Westmeadows, 3049