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Midwest RepRap Festival 2018

The 2018 Midwest RepRap Festival (aka the greatest 3d printer meetup on the planet) took place in Indiana, USA over the weekend.

Joe Spanier (the voice behind our tutorial videos) bought along his Emblaser 2 to the event and was kind enough to display it on the RiverCityLabs.space table.

Joe setting up his custom built ‘Mazzive’ 3D printer that can print objects 2.2m tall.
The Emblaser 2 arriving nice and safe in it’s cozy box.
Joe Spanier (left) discussing the Emblaser 2 with Ben Heck (blue top).

Joe: “The show was great. A lot of interest in the Emblaser 2 and really good feedback. People loved the look and feel of the machine. In particular the ease of use and how well its integrated. I spent a lot of the weekend showing off the workspace camera while I used it to align the key tags I was engraving.”

Joe chatting with Brook Drum (Printrbot), Sanjay Mortimer (E3d-online) and Nick Seward (renowned kinematic concept developer).