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Lubricating the Linear Rails

It is important to lubricate the Linear Rails of your Emblaser to ensure smooth motion and prevent damage from occurring over time.

We recommended that only SuperLube synthetic grease be used, and that it be applied around every 30 hours of use. Instructions for application are listed below:

  1. Clean all Linear Rails with a lint free cloth.
  2. Apply a pea-sized amount of Super Lube (in total) to the Linear Rails using your finger, a latex glove, or similar applicator.
  3. Spread the Super Lube across the entire rail.
  4. With the machine off, slowly and gently move the Laser Carriage across each axis to circulate the Super Lube throughout the Linear Bearings.

Note: The grease will tend to build up at the end of the Gantry / Laser Carriage travel – this is normal.