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Types of LightBurn License

There are two types of LightBurn license available:

Fixed License:

This is the standard license type.

Fixed license activations are locked to one computer. We supply 10 activations with each license, meaning LightBurn can be installed on up to 10 computers.

Activation and deactivation of fixed licenses are handled manually.

We generally recommend a maximum of 10-15 activations on a fixed license as activations can be difficult to manage beyond this.  

Floating License (for Educational Institutions):

A floating license is useful for schools with more than 10-15 computers which require Lightburn, or where the computers requiring access change regularly. An example would be a class required all students to have access to Lightburn using their own, or a class-set of laptops.

The acquisition and deactivation of activations is handled automatically. This allows you to have LightBurn installed on as many computers as you like. For a set up with 30 floating activations, any 30 of those computers with LightBurn installed can access the software at any one time. As soon as LightBurn is exited or becomes inactive for 30mins, the activation is released and is returned to the ‘pool’ of activations.

This removes the need for someone to go in and manually deactivate the activation on each computer at the end of every term, semester or year as would be otherwise required.

A one-time setup procedure allows the software to contact LightBurn’s licensing server to check for and acquire an available activation. Details on this process can be found via this link:

Installing a ‘Floating’ license

We generally recommend 30 floating seats unless class size is larger.