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LightBurn License Expiry and Updates

Does my LightBurn license ever expire?

No. Any LightBurn licenses supplied with the Emblaser, or purchased through the Darkly Labs store will never expire. You can use the software forever.

All licenses do however have 3 years of free updates. After this 3 year period, the license will still work but a renewal will be required to continue receiving the latest updates.

How do I know if my access to updates has expired?

You can check the status of your updates via: Help > License Management:

How do I renew access to the latest LightBurn updates?

If your updates have expired, you can regain access to the latest LightBurn updates by renewing your license. There will be a small charge for this renewal. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Important: All renewals are handled directly through the LightBurn Software. 

1. Open the License Page, via: Help > License Management, then click [Renew License]

 2. Your licenses key will be copied to the clipboard, click [OK]

3. A browser window will open, where you can past the copied key. If the browser window does not open, you can go to: https://lightburnsoftware.com/products/renew-lightburn-license-key

Note: After renewal, Emblaser licenses will receive the latest updates for a further 3 years.

4. Click [Add To Cart] and follow the checkout steps.