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Laser head fan not spinning


The fan on the laser head should always be spinning while the Emblaser is turned on.

Not spinning indicates a problem.


The most likely cause is the FFC has not been connected correctly. This would cause power to not be routed correctly to the fan.


Carefully remove and check the FFC has been correctly oriented and inserted into its connectors.

Begin by gently lifting the brown locking mechanism. This is delicate so be careful not to apply too much pressure when lifting it.

Remove the FFC and check the cable is facing the right direction in the connector.

  • On the main PCB, the blue strip in the FFC should be facing towards the Darkly Labs logo.
  • On the laser head PCB, the blue strip should be facing the plastic FFC Support Clip.

With the locking mechanism lifted, carefully slide the end of the FFC into the socket making sure it goes as far as possible and is evenly inserted.

Push the locking mechanism down to lock the FFC in place.