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Laser Cut Bee

This simple to cut and assemble project makes a great display item.

Project Files


Other Items Needed:

  • Wood Glue

The Build

Step 1:

Download the project file and open it in LightBurn. When you are ready, place your material into the Emblaser and use the ‘FRAME’ button to ensure your project will cut in the right area.

Cut the project out.

Design cut and ready to assemble.

Step 2:

Carefully seperate all the pieces in preparation for assembly. Be very careful with the pieces as some are very thin and can break easily.

All pieces ready for assembly.

Step 3:

Each of the pieces have numbers near their slots that correspond to where they need to attach to. This makes assembly very easy.

Start with the body and work your way out.

Body and Head assembled.
Fully assembled Bee.