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Laser Current Settings

This article contains the following sections:

Default Current Settings:

The Emblaser ships with the following factory settings for the maximum laser power.

Factory default setting is 1800mA

 0   1    1   0    1   1


( 1   2   3   4   5    6 )

These settings are suitable for both the 3 watt & 4 watt Laser Units.

Note: For lower watt Laser Units, please see below.


See the latest User Manual for details before making changes to these micro-switches. Incorrectly setting these switches could permanently damage your Laser Diode.


Maximum Current Settings:

The maximum power depends on the type of Laser Units you are using:

405nm Laser Unit:

Manufacturer datasheet maximum current: 600ma

Tested maximum current = 600mA

2 Watt Laser Unit: M140, 445nm, 5.6mm diode

Manufacturer datasheet maximum current: 1200ma

Tested maximum current = 1800mA

3 Watt Laser Unit: NDB7875, 445nm,  9mm diode

Manufacturer datasheet maximum current: 1800ma

Tested maximum current = 2200mA

4 Watt Laser Unit: NDB7A75, 445nm, 9mm diode

Manufacturer datasheet maximum current: 3000ma

Tested maximum current = 3600mA

IMPORTANT: Exceeding the recommended current setting will cause rapid degradation and/or irreparable damage to your Laser Unit.

Extreme care must be taken when altering the Emblaser maximum current settings.

Diode Failure From Exceeding the Maximum Current:


The laser was run at a higher current than recommended by making changes to the Emblaser board dip switches.

It ran for a little bit and then stopped working or only turns on at very weak power.


Running the laser at a higher current level than recommended will cause the Laser Diode to be permanently damaged.

See above for the recommended settings for your Laser Unit type.


Replace the Laser Unit.