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Katy Davidovich


-Katy Davidovich –

The Emblaser has given me the ability to see my visions materialize. As an engineer in manufacturing, I am exposed to technology and machinery that allows me to see the possibilities for creating so many things. For many years I have wanted to own a CO2 laser, but due to the high cost it never came to fruition. Having owned the Emblaser now for over a year, I’ve pushed it to the limits and it has far exceeded my expectations. I love working with wood and wanted to make products that are both personal and unique. I never envisioned having my own store but due to the popularity of my products by word-of-mouth, I decided to give it a go. The Darklylabs team has been extremely supportive and helpful from the start and I want to thank them for making a product that has given me much joy. 

Custom laser engraved wooden blocks.

Etsy Store: Link