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How to Manually Create a LightBurn Device

How to manually create a device in LightBurn.

Step 1:

In the Laser tab, click the [Devices] button.

Step 2:

Click [Create Manually] in the Device window.

Step 3:

Select the appropriate Emblaser type from the list, then click [Next].

Step 4:

Select Serial/USB (recommended) or Ethernet/TPC for WiFi connection, then click [Next].

Step 5:

Name your new device so that it can be easily identified.

Step 6:

Click [Next], then [Finish].

Step 7:

If you have multiple devices listed, to ensure the new device is always used, select it from the list and click [Make Defualt].


If you continue to experience issues with LightBurn or your Emblaser, please contact us at support@darklylabs.com with the following information:

  • What version of Lightburn are you using?
  • Is the Emblaser menu visible?
  • Does the Emblaser home correctly when first turned on?