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How to Access/Replace the SD Card

If you experience issues with your onboard SD card, and are instructed by Darkly Labs or an authorised reseller to replace it, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: (optional if you have v2 air-assist)

If your machine has the new v2 air-assist accessory, you will need to detach this before you can access all the screws for the electronics pod.

Step 2:

Remove the 5 screws holding the rear electronics pod in place.

Be careful to not disturb any wiring or connectors as the rear pod comes free.

Step 3:

Carefully remove the 4 screws holding the electronics PCB in place.

This will let you gain access to the SD card.

Step 4:

Remove the SD card and replace it with your new card.

Step 5:

Follow the steps in reverse to reassemble your electronics pod.

Important: Please be careful that no cabling becomes trapped between the read pod and the enclosure sides.

Step 6: (optional if you have v2 air-assist)

Re-attach the air-assist accessory.