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Felt Coasters

Want to add a little color to your coffee table? These felt coasters will do the trick.

Project Files


  • 5mm Natural Felt

Other Items Needed:

  • Fabric Glue

The Build

Felt is one of our favorite fabrics to work with. Not only does it cut cleanly, it’s also colourful and very durable. I first created a simple circular pattern in LightBurn.
Circular coaster pattern.

They key to this project is to have different color parts fit snugly into each other. Because a laser cut takes a little bit of material away, if we simply use the parts cut from one piece of felt in another, there would be a gap.

Gap left behind from cutting.
To compensate for this, I used the ‘offset’ feature in LightBurn. This allowed me to create a duplicated shape that was a little larger than the one I cut out. Since felt is a little bit stretchy, I chose an offset of 0.3mm. This would ensure a tight fit between the pieces.
Slight offset to allow parts to fit together snuggly.

The result is a set of 5 pieces that will fit together snuggly, but not nest perfectly together.

Five pieces for the first coaster.
Parts nested together.

Cutting the felt on the Emblaser was easy. I saved time by cutting both color felts at the same time.

Laser cutting done.
I used a fabric glue to attach the pieces together.
Fabric glue.
A very small amount of glue was applied to the outer and inner edges of each piece. I was very careful to not get glue on the fabric surface.
Glue applied to outed edges.
When the pieces are inserted into each other, their tight fit allows the glue to dry and form a good bond.

I created 3 coaster designs in total. Two designs have mixed colors and one is a single color. This was so I could get the most out of the fabric pieces I had. I hate wasting material!