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Eye Chart on Stainless Steel

Use your Emblaser to engrave any design onto stainless steel, leaving a durable, etched coating.

Project Files


Other Items Needed:

  • Paper Towel

The Build

1: Download the project and open it in LightBurn.

2: Spray your piece of stainless steel with an even coat of the Spectumark and let it dry.

3: Place your stainless steel into the Emblaser.

4: Use the frame tool in LightBurn to ensure the design fits correctly on the metal and then start the engraving.

5: Once done, take your material out of the laser cutter and place it into a sink or other container, pour water over it and use your towel to wipe away all of the leftover coating, you will be left with just your design bonded to the material!

Watch the time-lapse process