WESP 10 – Bottle Vases

These vases are very simple and stylish.

It’s easy to create your own designs right within LightBurn or customise the ones I used for this project.


The Project Files

This project is designed for the Emblaser range: LINK

Download the project files here: LINK


The Build

I first googled ‘bottle shapes’ and found some reference images to help me get started.

I imported an image with a variety of bottles shapes into LightBurn and used the ‘trace’ function to generate curves from the image.

Trace results from my bottle reference image.

I chose three shapes I liked and used the curve drawing tools in LightBurn to create the shapes for my vases.

Shapes created in LightBurn.

Since these vases have a very thin structure, I decided to make them from our Eucalyptus plywood. Although this plywood has great strength, I doubled up the thickness (2.5mm) to end up with 5mm thick pieces.

Parts nested and ready to laser cut.

After cutting the pieces on our Emblaser, it’s time to start assembly.

Pieces cut and ready for assembly.
You can never have too many clamps!
To save time I used superglue, but a PVA glue would have worked just as well.
Our vase is starting to take shape.
Completed with test tubes inserted.

I hope you enjoy this project and get a chance to make a set for yourself. I am always open to suggestions for my weekly projects. Please email if you have anything you would like me to tackle: domenic@darklylabs.com