WESP 06 – Felt phone and tablet cases

Kim (our textiles expert) found a local store that specialises in felt and experimented with various types on the Emblaser. She found 100% wool felt cut extremely well and was easy to work with.

As a result she designed some cases for her phone and tablet. These cases are very easy to make and can be resized for your devices.

They also look great!

The Project Files

This project is designed for the Emblaser range: LINK

Download the project files here: LINK

The Build

The project files can be resized to accomodate your device. As a rule of thumb, cut the pieces about 5-10mm larger than your device. This will allow for the sewing.

Phone case is designed for 3 pieces of 2mm felt.

I cut the pieces using the air-assist turned on. As an interesting observation, 100% wool felt smells very bad after laser cutting. It reminded me of burnt hair. The good news is that the smell went away after a while.

Phone case back layer laser cut.
Laser cut and ready for sewing.

For the phone case, the upper edge of the top two layers need to first be sewn together.

Top 2 layers stitched together.

I used pins to hold the three layers together during sewing.

Holding everything together with pins.
Smaller case for an iPhone 6.

The tablet case is made using the same process. This one was made using 4mm felt.

iPad case.