New Emblaser 2 Lens Unit released

Introducing the new E2 Lens Unit

The Lens Unit is the component in your Emblaser 2 that focuses your laser down to a pin-point, for optimal cutting and engraving. It contains a number of optical components, including the ‘focus’ lens. This new design significantly simplifies the process of cleaning the focusing lens over the pervious design.

The new Lens Unit allows the focus lens to be removed without the need to remove the entire unit from the machine. There are no tools needed either. You simply unscrew the bottom of the new lens unit by hand and immediately have access to the focus lens for cleaning.

“Clean your focus lens in minutes!”


This lens unit is included in all Emblaser 2 Rev.2 machines and is also fully compatible earlier Emblaser 2 machines.

This upgrade is highly recommended and can be ordered from our online store. You can order this upgrade with or without the focus lens, if you wish to use your existing one-piece focus lens.